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9781432846183 - Sue Ann Jaffarian: Too Big To Die - Book
Sue Ann Jaffarian (?):

Too Big To Die (?)

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ISBN: 9781432846183 (?) or 1432846183, in english, Thorndike Press, New

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Sue Ann Jaffarian, Books, Mystery and Suspense, Too Big To Die, Too Big To Die
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ISBN (alternative notations): 1-4328-4618-3, 978-1-4328-4618-3
9781432846183 - Sue Ann Jaffarian: Too Big to Die (An Odelia Grey Mystery) - Book
Sue Ann Jaffarian (?):

Too Big to Die (An Odelia Grey Mystery) (?)

Delivery from: United States of AmericaBook is in english languageNew book

ISBN: 9781432846183 (?) or 1432846183, in english, 403 pages, Thorndike Press Large Print, New

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Viral videos and dangerous criminals turn Odelia and Greg's good deed into accusations of murder It's the dog days of summer for Odelia and Greg after they rescue a dog from a closed car on a blistering hot day. The culprit is former reality star Marla Kingston, who's married to a client of Odelia's law firm. The dog was saved, but Odelia's job might not be when Kingston demands blood. Things get even stickier when a video of the rescue goes viral, and the man who helped them winds up dead. And who is the mysterious young woman who shows up about the same time? Is she connected or just an opportunist looking to cash in on their reluctant Internet fame? Praise for the Odelia Grey Mysteries: 11: Rhythm & Clues "Jaffarian's fun, frenzied eleventh mystery featuring plucky plus-size paralegal Odelia a fluffly melange of danger, humor, and surprises."--Publishers Weekly "[A] delightful series."--Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine "More corpses surely lie in wait for [Odelia]... But it's fun to see her ditzy niece share the spotlight this time around."--Kirkus Reviews 10: A Body to Spare "[A] witty series with its quirky, well-drawn characters."--Booklist "Offbeat...the suspenseful climax offers some unexpected turns for everyone."--Publishers Weekly 9: Hell on Wheels "Action-filled...Jaffarian neatly pulls all the plot lines together for a satisfying outcome."--Publishers Weekly 8: Secondhand Stiff "Witty and well-plotted."--Publishers Weekly "Ina's goods may be secondhand, but Jaffarian's are first-class."--Kirkus Reviews "Odelia and her colorful family and colleagues are as quirky and appealing as those found in Sharon Fiffer's Jane Wheel series."--Booklist "[A] clever, winning tale with lots of laughs along the way."--Suspense Magazine 7: Hide and Snoop "Odelia takes no nonsense from anyone and stops at nothing to give the bad guys what they deserve."--Kirkus Reviews "Jaffarian is a skilled writer who is able to make extreme situations seem plausible and minor characters multidimensional. This character-rich series will appeal especially to readers of G. A. McKevett."--Booklist Online "[An] enormously entertaining seventh cozy...tight plotting, first-class humor, and vivid descriptions."--Publishers Weekly "It's nice to read a book in which the heroine is not obsessed over body image. happy, healthy, in love--and utterly charming."--Kathleen Henrikkus for The New York Journal of Books 6: Twice as Dead "Plenty of humor, the charms of the feisty main character, and a great supporting cast add to the amusement."--Booklist "Jaffarian outdoes herself this time with an exceedingly clever plot."--Mystery Scene 5: Corpse on the Cob "Ultimately, Corpse on the Cob offers readers much food for thought."--Mystery Scene "The personal story makes this among the most satisfying novels in the series."--Booklist "Jaffarian's delightful fifth cozy to feature supersized sleuth Odelia Grey...Jaffarian keeps getting better and better at blending humor, suspense, and romance."--Publishers Weekly "Like its predecessors, this title is a delight."--Library Journal "A trip to the East Coast blows a refreshing fall breeze through Odelia's fifth. So does the switch of focus from workplace woes to family drama."--Kirkus Reviews 4: Booby Trap "Leavened with lively humor, the action builds to a wickedly satisfying windup."--Publishers Weekly "Concentrating on the puzzle and her trademark smart dialog, Jaffarian does some surgery of her own, leaving a lean plotline for plump Odelia."--Kirkus Reviews "A fun, quick read with a usually sassy detective, Booby Trap will keep readers of the series happy until the next installment."--The Mystery Reader 3: Thugs and Kisses "The best title yet in a priceless series...a real treat for chick-lit and mystery fans who like feisty women."--Library Journal (starred review) "Odelia is a character that could easily be a good friend. She's down to earth and likeable. While she doesn't fit into Hollywood's size 0 body criteria, she's a good plus-size fit for the real people and mystery readers of the world."--Deadly Pleasures "Odelia Grey is delightfully large and in charge in Jaffarian's third entertaining romp."--Publishers Weekly "The best one intriguing, well-plotted mystery that will entertain and inspire."--The Strand "Snappy dialog."--Kirkus Reviews "Written with a light touch but a keen eye for detail, this satisfying entry in the Odelia Grey series also has room for a little romance."--Booklist 2: The Curse of the Holy Pail "Jaffarian's writing is sharp and sassy--like her protagonist-- and she knows how to keep the suspense high."--Mystery Scene "Plus-size paralegal Odelia Grey gets more than she bargained for when she accepts an unusual gift from a favorite client... Jaffarian plays the formula with finesse, keeping love problems firmly in the background while giving her heroine room to use her ample wit and grit."--Kirkus Reviews "Odelia Grey is a keeper."--Library Journal "Jaffarian offers the perfectly flawed alternative for readers sick and tired of picture-perfect characters."--Booklist "I have enjoyed both books in the series. Odelia is a resourceful woman, and I didn't chafe at her amateur sleuthing. The book has an inspired cookie recipe."--Deadly Pleasures 1: Too Big to Miss "I'd like to spend more time with Sue Ann Jaffarian's Odelia, a plus-size fat-liberationist with a handsome wheelchair-bound lover. Odelia...does not hesitate to give justice a small, well-plotted forward shove at every opportunity."--The New York Times "With a cast of diverse characters, an intriguing plot, and a credible heroine, this is an enjoyable read."--Mystery Scene "[Odelia] is an intriguing character, a true counter against stereotype, who demonstrates that life can be good, even in a world where thin is always in."--Booklist "Balancing her professional skills as a paralegal with her self-doubt as a sleuth, Odelia is one of the most believable amateur detectives in recent fiction. Beautifully plotted and carefully crafted, this is a marvelous start to an exciting new series. Strongly recommended."--Library Journal "Plus-size reading pleasure--try this one on!" --Lee Child, New York Times bestselling author, Library Binding, Edition: Large Print, Format: Large Print, Label: Thorndike Press Large Print, Thorndike Press Large Print, Product group: Book, Published: 2018-03-07, Studio: Thorndike Press Large Print
Platform order number azp4KqrabZuo%2FK0bkMJYSGW19uRV EMXoa4yxUsEcAARcwRyDPIM1ZasZoi m9K4ZFJhcTdmPTJBY5VYdctw6IzXUV 6sa4gPPjHzDkX4Q%2Fmjenrd6PJJsm HQ%3D%3D
Keywords: Books, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Women Sleuths, Cozy, Animals
Data from 12/04/2017 00:09h
ISBN (alternative notations): 1-4328-4618-3, 978-1-4328-4618-3


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