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The Prague Sonata (Thorndike Press Large Print Core Series):
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9781432846633 - Bradford Morrow: The Prague Sonata
Bradford Morrow (?):

The Prague Sonata (?)

ISBN: 9781432846633 (?) or 1432846639, in english, Gale Group, hardcover, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian
The-Prague-Sonata~~Bradford-Morrow, The Prague Sonata, hardcover
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Seller order number: 9781432846633
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ISBN (alternative notations): 1-4328-4663-9, 978-1-4328-4663-3
9781432846633 - Bradford Morrow: The Prague Sonata (Thorndike Press Large Print Core Series)
Bradford Morrow (?):

The Prague Sonata (Thorndike Press Large Print Core Series) (?)

ISBN: 9781432846633 (?) or 1432846639, in english, 682 pages, Thorndike Press Large Print, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian,
From the critically acclaimed author Bradford Morrow, a literary quest novel that travels from Nazi-occupied Prague to turn-of-the-millennium New York as a young musicologist seeks to solve the mystery behind an eighteenth-century sonata manuscript Music and war, war and music--these are the twin motifs around which Bradford Morrow, recipient of the Academy Award in Fiction from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, has composed his magnum opus, The Prague Sonata, a novel more than a dozen years in the making.In the early days of the new millennium, pages of a worn and weathered original sonata manuscript--the gift of a Czech immigrant living out her final days in Queens--come into the hands of Meta Taverner, a young musicologist whose concert piano career was cut short by an injury. To Meta's eye, it appears to be an authentic eighteenth-century work; to her discerning ear, the music rendered there is commanding, hauntingly beautiful, clearly the undiscovered composition of a master. But there is no indication of who the composer might be. The gift comes with the request that Meta attempt to find the manuscript's true owner--a Prague friend the old woman has not heard from since the Second World War forced them apart--and to make the three-part sonata whole again. Leaving New York behind for the land of Dvořak and Kafka, Meta sets out on an unforgettable search to locate the remaining movements of the sonata and uncover a story that has influenced the course of many lives, even as it becomes clear that she isn't the only one after the music's secrets.Magisterially evoking decades of Prague's tragic and triumphant history, from the First World War through the soaring days of the Velvet Revolution, and moving from postwar London to the heartland of immigrant America, The Prague Sonata is both epic and intimate, evoking the ways in which individual notes of love and sacrifice become part of the celebratory symphony of life. Library Binding, Edition: Lrg, Format: Large Print, Label: Thorndike Press Large Print, Thorndike Press Large Print, Product group: Book, Published: 2018-01-03, Studio: Thorndike Press Large Print
Platform order number YBwg8D4Y%2FAEviuGik3MFuehX8y2e 67TFuENBZGFarZCVT8bG2JwqYef9Gv 4vFm1M0c%2B0CPw8CYhspfUVFmgx%2 F7Ex%2Bf7PHfQsYJl8I0q%2BZ9iVAB 87Uc37pw%3D%3D
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ISBN (alternative notations): 1-4328-4663-9, 978-1-4328-4663-3


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