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Hope for the World: Spiritual Galvanoplasty -compare every offer

9782818402573 - Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov: Hope for the World: Spiritual Galvanoplasty
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov (?):

Hope for the World: Spiritual Galvanoplasty (2013) (?)

ISBN: 9782818402573 (?) or 2818402573, in english, 197 pages, 5. Edition, Editions Prosveta, New, ebook, digital download

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 ‘There are two fundamental principles in the universe, the masculine and the feminine, and they are reflected in every single manifestation of nature and of life. The whole of creation is the result of the concerted work of these two principles which are replicas of the two creative principles of the cosmos – the heavenly Father and the divine Mother – and of which men and women are the reflection. Throughout nature these two principles can be seen in different shapes and forms. They can be seen in human beings, not only in their physical bodies but also in their psychic structure: the mind and spirit representing the masculine principle and the heart and soul the feminine principle. The two principles must necessarily work in conjunction. On its own, each one is barren, and this is why each is always seeking the other. Spiritual galvanoplasty is an application in the spiritual life of this science of the two principles.’ Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Format Kindle, Edition: 5, Format: Ebook Kindle, Étiquette: Editions Prosveta, Editions Prosveta, Groupe de produits: eBooks, Publié: 2013-09-16, Date de sortie: 2013-09-16, Studio: Editions Prosveta
Platform order number (Int.): B00F8IWXFE
Keywords: Aesthetics, Analytic Philosophy, Ancient, Consciousness & Thought, Criticism, Eastern, Epistemology, Ethics & Morality, Free Will & Determinism, Good & Evil, Greek & Roman, Hindu, History & Surveys, History, 17th & 18th Century, Islamic, Logic & Language, Medieval Thought, Metaphysics, Methodology, Modern, Modern Renaissance, Movements, Ontology, Philosophy of Religion, Political, Reference, Religious, Theism, Livres anglais et étrangers, Nonfiction, Parenting & Families, Family Relationships, Motherhood, Babies & Toddlers, Child Care, Emotions & Feelings, Health & Nutrition, Morals & Responsibility, School-Age Children, Single Parents, Teenagers, Boutique Kindle, Ebooks Kindle, Ebooks en langues étrangères, Ebooks en anglais
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ISBN (alternative notations): 2-8184-0257-3, 978-2-8184-0257-3


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