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The Mysteries of Yesod: Foundations of the Spiritual Life:
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9782818402726 - Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov: The Mysteries of Yesod: Foundations of the Spiritual Life
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov (?):

The Mysteries of Yesod: Foundations of the Spiritual Life (2013) (?)

ISBN: 9782818402726 (?) or 2818402727, in english, 217 pages, 4. Edition, Editions Prosveta, New, ebook, digital download

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 Yesod, the ninth Sephirah on the cabbalistic Tree of Life, is the symbol of a pure life. Purity has long been considered as privation leading to repression or perversion... a living death. Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov dispels this erroneous concept of purity by showing it to be a rich and creative way of life (although unknown and untried at the present time), founded on a precise knowledge of the psychic, spiritual life. Taking purity as the basis of his spiritual teaching (Yesod means ‘base’ in Hebrew), Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov renews in our times the sense and significance of the ancient initiations enriched by his own innumerable discoveries. He has personally practised and experimented at length with the rules and exercises he proposes for our use ; their purpose is to liberate man and awaken in every fibre of his being the vital, harmonious forces of divine Life. The Mysteries of Yesod proves to us that the life of a great spiritual Master is like the River of Life in that it purifies all who come near him. , Format Kindle, Edition: 4, Format: Ebook Kindle, Étiquette: Editions Prosveta, Editions Prosveta, Groupe de produits: eBooks, Publié: 2013-10-03, Date de sortie: 2013-10-03, Studio: Editions Prosveta, Vente de rang: 352120
Platform order number (Int.): B00FLSGUL4
Keywords: Livres anglais et étrangers, Health, Mind & Body, Self-Help, Spiritual, Religion & Spirituality, Occult, Parapsychology, Boutique Kindle, Ebooks Kindle, Ebooks en langues étrangères, Ebooks en anglais
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ISBN (alternative notations): 2-8184-0272-7, 978-2-8184-0272-6


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