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Life at Vents and Seeps -compare every offer

9783110494754 - De Gruyter Mouton: Life at Vents and Seeps
De Gruyter Mouton (?):

Life at Vents and Seeps (?)

ISBN: 9783110494754 (?) or 3110494752, in english, de Gruyter, Berlin/New York, Germany, New

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Life at Vents and Seeps, Vents and seeps are the epitome of life in extreme environments. This book provides an overview of the different habitats, their specific conditions as well as the technical challenges that have to be met when studying them. The book provides the current state of the art and is a valuable resource for everybody that has an interest in such environments.
Seller order number: 50525774
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Category: Bücher / Fremdsprachige Bücher / Englische Bücher
Keywords: Bücher
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ISBN (alternative notations): 3-11-049475-2, 978-3-11-049475-4


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