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9789780499556 - Francis O. C. Njoku: Igbo Jurisprudence: An African Excercise in Legal Coherentism - Book

Francis O. C. Njoku (?):

Igbo Jurisprudence: An African Excercise in Legal Coherentism (2009) (?)

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9789780499556 (?) or 9780499555

, unknown language, 132 pages, Paperback, New
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Igbo Jurisprudence: An African Exercise in Legal Coherentism is a theoretical endeavour to establish how Igbo African Jurisprudence can be rationalized along side Igbo African ontology. The book studies Igbo world and through a hermeneutical method makes explicit the philosophical and legal ideas implicit in it. Against a backdrop of a covenant theory of Igbo socio-political communication, it explains issues such as law, rights, rules, authority, morality and initiative democracy as tooted in Igbo African ontology. In specifically discussing the is-ought problem in Igbo Jurisprudence, this short but intense work proposes legal coherentism as a theory that ties together the natural law and the legal positivist inclinations of the Igbo socio-legal mind. Given the issues treated, this book is at once an essay in Igbo jurisprudence, and social/political theory. paperback, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 2009, Verkaufsrang: 13768804
Keywords: Books, Law, Legal Theory & Systems, Jurisprudence
Data from 12/29/2016 16:20h
ISBN (alternative notations): 978-049-955-5, 978-978-049-955-6


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