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9789780736910 - Craig Parshall, Janet Parshall: Captives and Kings (The Thistle and the Cross #2) - Book
Craig Parshall, Janet Parshall (?):

Captives and Kings (The Thistle and the Cross #2) (2007) (?)

Delivery from: United States of AmericaBook is in english languageThis is a paperback bookUsed book, not a new book.

ISBN: 9789780736910 (?) or 9780736913, in english, Orb Books, Paperback, Used

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From Seller/Antiquarian, Lucky's Fulfillment
Authors Craig and Janet Parshall blend fascinating storytelling, excellent research, and their passion for the early 1600s in this exciting follow up to Crown of Fire. Andrew, astute, applied, and ambitious, has little but contempt for his wayward and adventuring brother, Phillip…who in turn resents what he sees as Andrew’s high–handedness and superior attitude. The rift is deep, and it seems it will be permanent after Andrew learns of Phillip’s unwitting involvement in a court plot and insists that he and his son, Peter, flee to the new colony of Virginia. So far apart in both body and heart, will the two brothers ever meet on common ground again, let alone find their way to forgiveness?, paperback, Label: Orb Books, Orb Books, Product group: Book, Published: 2007-01, Studio: Orb Books, Sales rank: 17499123
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Keywords: African American, Alternate History, Biographical, Christian, Cultural Heritage, Fantasy, Jewish, Military, Mysteries, Short Stories & Anthologies, Thrillers, Books, Literature & Fiction, Genre Fiction, Historical
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ISBN (alternative notations): 978-073-691-3, 978-978-073-691-0