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Toker, Franklin (?):

Pittsburgh: A New Portrait (2009) (?)

ISBN: 9789780822941 (?) or 9780822941, unknown language, University of Pittsburgh Press, hardcover, Used

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University of Pittsburgh Press. New in Fine dust jacket. 2009. First Edition. hardcover. 9780822943716 . This specific hardback book is in new condition with a hard board cover that has sharp edges and corners and has a tight binding. The pages are clean, crisp, unmarked and uncreased. The dust jacket is in fine condition with barely detectable wear if any. Due to the size and weight of this of book, additional postage may be required for priority or international shipments. We package all books in custom cardboard book boxes for shipment and ship daily with tracking numbers.; "Toker highlights this remarkable story of urban reinvention by focusing on what makes Pittsburgh so resilient and appealing - its strong neighborhoods and their surprisingly rich architectural history. The many unique, lively urban communities that make up Pittsburgh are a treasure trove of every imaginable style of structure, from Victorian to Bauhaus, Gothic to Art Deco, and from Industrial to Green. These ordinary homes expressed the aspirations of people who came from around the world to settle in Pittsburgh, while they built the city itself into an economic powerhouse. With the wealth generated by this everyday work, local captains of industry could build their own monumental additions to Pittsburgh's urban landscape, including two of America's greatest buildings: H. H. Richardson's Allegheny Courthouse and Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater. With accessible prose, Toker examines Pittsburgh in its historical context (from Indian settlement to postmodern city), in its regional setting (from the playgrounds of the Laurel Highlands to the hard-working mill towns dotting the landscape), and from the street level (leading the reader on a personal tour through every neighborhood). Lavishly illustrated with photos and maps, Pittsburgh: A New Portrait reveals the true colors of a truly great American city. "; 10.20 X 7.40 X 1.20 inches; 528 pages .
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