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Ertug, Ahmet (?):

Hermitage - A Palace and A Museum (2014) (?)

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ISBN: 9789780954802 (?) or 9780954805, unknown language, Ahmet Ertug, New

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Istanbul: Ahmet Ertug, 2014. New. With a slipcase. 48 x 40 cm. 16 kg. "World renowned architectural photographer Ahmet Ertug has been invited by The State Hermitage Museum's Director General Mikhail Piotrovsky to photography the Hermitage and to publish a book to commemorate the 250th anniversary of its foundation. This exciting task of photographing the vast interiors and many rooms of the Hermitage could not have found a better interpreter than Ahmet Ertug. The delicacy of his composition corresponds perfectly with the richness of decoration in the rooms. After completing this huge task of photographing the Hermitage museum, which took the first six months of 2014, Ertug was introduced by the Director of the Hermitage Museum to photograph the other important museums and institutions in the city. This exclusive volume - Hermitage, a Palace and a Museum - with dimensions of 48x40cm, contains 200 pages, with approximately 15.000 words of text and an additional 102 colour plates. The volume was printed in Germany, in a state of the art offset printing facility with special Japanese inks. The large format 8x10 inch photographic plates by Ahmet Ertug were processed in the leading London photograhic laboratories, in order to capture their best colour fidelity. The digital darkroom work and colour separation for the volume has been carried out using PrimeScan 16 bit drum scanners, Eizo high end monitors and specially calibrated proofing systems. The paper used in the volume is 250 gsm Scheufelen Phoenixmotion Xantur, an exceptional German paper with FSC Qualification (the mark of responsible forestry). The volume was handbound in Italiy by master binder Ruggero Rigoldi. It is bound in an exceptional red silk and presented in a slipcase. The Introduction is by the Director of The State Hermitage Museum, Mikhail Piotrovsky. An essay by Michael Forsyth and Marion Harney describes the outstanding architecture of the Hermitage".
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