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ISBN: 9789783852525 (?) or 9783852523, in english, 94 pages, ADEJOLA, ISAIAH ADEKUNLE, New, ebook, digital download

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From Seller/Antiquarian
UNDERSTANDING SKILLS & MEMORY RETENTION TECHNIQUES Studying can be fun. It becomes a fun, when one strategically deploys all inputs appropriately and efficiently. These inputs are simply the practice of the laid down principles which students or learners must adhere to, if thorough understanding of their lessons and study materials is to be achieved. The student is expected in the first place to be conversant with these skills (Principles) and know how to apply them aright. These skills are more or less like the formula a student uses to arrive at the expected outcome of high academic performance. It is quite unfortunate that not all students are privileged to have these guiding principles at their finger tips, and so studying to excel in the school becomes an almost impossible venture. These guiding principles are learnable skills and techniques that students can easily master on their own for a profitable application when used during studying period. Consistent application of these skills and techniques result into a studying lifestyle that makes studying a fun. This actually meant to deal with two major studying problems of students which are; lack of understanding (comprehension) and problem of memory loss or failure. These problems are coupled with the students’ indiscipline attitudes towards their studies. Studying hard in College is founded on these principles (Skills and Techniques). Though, studying could be fun, yet it requires a high level of discipline. This “discipline” is just the only word to summarize all the fundamentals of academic success. Without discipline, all skills and techniques produce no desirable result in terms of academic performance. Discipline here entails various positive dispositions a student must possess to overcome most of the self-caused problems and difficulties they face in school. Failures and poor performances by many students after assessment reveal these diverse problems occurring due to lack of discipline. Since most of these problems or setbacks are self-caused, solving the problems must also be self-cured via self-discipline. The word “discipline” is carefully selected simply because it is the foundation on which all other positive dispositions or attitudes towards academic excellence are built on. Therefore, it takes discipline for one to come out of one’s comfort zones of mediocre achievement. That is, with discipline you show “dissatisfaction” and “reject mediocrity”. Discipline helps students overcome the problems of indecision, inability to focus on their career dream, steering clear from distractions, paying attention, inability to set smart goals and manage their time well etc. If any student can through discipline surmount all these sundry problems of students, then, it is sure that gaining comprehension (understanding) and enjoying good retentive memory will be the lots of such devoted students. On this note, it is now necessary to introduce and discuss skills students in colleges and tertiary institutions need to apply in order to gain thorough understanding of their lessons or any study material. Response from certain students found using some of these skills of understanding, indicated them as the strategies used for their outstanding results or performances. Listed below are the skills of understanding which students can use to grab a thorough understanding of their lessons and virtually all their study materials. These are: 1. Make a Link 2. Paint a Picture or visualize 3. Gain an Insight 4. Form Interpretation 5. Reason Out Ideas 6. Pay Attention to Details 7. Play your role or Practice Before I go on in discussing them, I need to inform you that these skills of understanding also aid memory retention. But the other arm of this material really handles memory retention techniques, which we shall be discussing immediately after these understanding skills listed above. Now, we shall discuss each of these understanding skills mentioned above, one, Kindle Edition, Format: Kindle eBook, Label: ADEJOLA, ISAIAH ADEKUNLE, ADEJOLA, ISAIAH ADEKUNLE, Produktgruppe: eBooks, Publiziert: 2013-10-09, Freigegeben: 2013-10-09, Studio: ADEJOLA, ISAIAH ADEKUNLE
9789783852525 - Husslein-Arco, Agnes; Veronika Pirker-Aurenhammer: Aktuell Restauriert : Der Abtenauer Altar Von Andreas Lackner
Husslein-Arco, Agnes; Veronika Pirker-Aurenhammer (?):

Aktuell Restauriert : Der Abtenauer Altar Von Andreas Lackner (2011) (?)

ISBN: 9789783852525 (?) or 9783852523, unknown language, Verlag Bibliothek Der Provinz, New

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From Seller/Antiquarian, Pristine Books & Art
Verlag Bibliothek Der Provinz. New. 2011. hardcover. 9783852525044 . Flawless copy, brand new, pristine, never opened -- Text in German. 128 pages; illustrated. .