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The GODHEAD & Humanity (Total Freedom from Spiritual Enslavement), Volume 3:
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9789789478446 - Paul Omo Umane: The GODHEAD & Humanity (Total Freedom from Spiritual Enslavement), Volume 3 - Book
Paul Omo Umane (?):

The GODHEAD & Humanity (Total Freedom from Spiritual Enslavement), Volume 3 (2015) (?)

ISBN: 9789789478446 (?) or 9789478445, Band: 3572, in english, Smashwords Edition, Smashwords Edition, Smashwords Edition, New, ebook, digital download

4.11 (C$ 5.72)¹(free shipping, without obligation)
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Paul Omo Umane is reputed to be the World Foremost Visionary, Natural Theologian, Scholar and an Academic Expert in Christology, especially in the Studies of the Tenet of the New Covenant of Grace. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook. The Godhead and Humanity, Volume 2 is written in fulfillment of his Divine Mission on the planet earth to enthrone the undiluted Tenet of the New Covenant of Grace that necessitates the advent of the Lord Jesus Christ and for which he lived and died. The Project spans over a decade and beams a Search light into the Old and New Testament Bible. He finds the "Opposers" were right in hypotheses (ii) that accuse the Professor Arias Montano that edits the Antwerp Polyglot Bible (1516 - 72) of heresy. They are right because the Professor further cements the St. Jerome's Vulgate (400 AD) Version that expunged the Deuterocanonical Books/Apocrypha from the original Vulgate (200 AD) or Septuagint (300) of the Old Testament. The sole objective of the Report therefore is to steer the Reader off "The Awful Horror" the Lord Jesus Christ says the Prophet Daniel speaks (Matt. 24: 15 - 28). Also, read Gal. 1: 6-10; 2: 11-12. As a proof that the Apostle James was a younger brother to the Lord Jesus Christ that later because the first consecrated Bishop in Jerusalem, kindly take judicial notice, 'When Jesus finished telling these parables, he left that place and went back to his home town. He taught in the synagogue, and those who heard him were amazed. "Where did he get such wisdom?" they asked. ". Isn't he the carpenter's son? Isn't Mary his mother, and aren't James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas his brothers? . Jesus said to them, "A prophet is respected everywhere except in his home town and by his own family." Because they did not have faith, he did not perform many miracles there." Matthew 13: 53-56. Also kindly study Galatians 2: 1 -23.TOTAL FREEDOM FROM SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENTAgain, digitizing the total freedom of the Christian in the dispensation of
Seller order number: c72de73f-d3b2-41a6-9f4e-721746e0ecd9
Platform order number 100179789789478446
Category: Nonfiction
Keywords: The GODHEAD & Humanity (Total Freedom from Spiritual Enslavement), Volume 3 Paul Omo Umane Adult Nonfiction 9789789478446
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ISBN (alternative notations): 978-947-844-5, 978-978-947-844-6


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