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9789789568345 - Davis U. Ogbuji: Fervent Prayers - Book
Davis U. Ogbuji (?):

Fervent Prayers (2017) (?)

ISBN: 9789789568345 (?) or 9789568347, in english, Smashwords Edition, Smashwords Edition, Smashwords Edition, New, ebook, digital download

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Fervent prayer book is designed to meet the needs of the user by making sure that the book connects the user with God, the father by praying with the word of God. It is a book that pins the problems to the bug; in fact it is a direct thing between you and God the father through his only begotten Son Jesus Christ. Fervent prayers sets revolution in the heavenly places, it is a book that sets the hands of God at work. It is a book that puts the serpent, the devil in its appropriate "place", the bottomless pit. It is a book that energizes the lost soul and spirit. It connects the individual directly with his/ her God. It is a book that brings succour to the lost hope. Expectations from the God almighty are sourced through prayers with the word of God which is the major word of God which is the major aspect of fervent prayer book. It is a book that uplifts the mind, soul, spirit as well as the personal wellbeing of the individual. Major reasons why we pray to1. GOD: God invites us to do so. His words encourages us, eg "Do not be anxious over anything, but in everything, by prayer and supplication along with thanksgiving, let your petitions be made known to God, and the peace of God that excels all thought will guard your hearts and your mental through Christ Jesus (Philippians 4: 6 7).2. Regularly praying to God is a way to strengthen our relationship with God, prayers gives us the opportunity to express our thoughts and innermost feelings to our heavenly Father, as you do, you draw closer to God, James 4:8.3. God is very close to all those calling upon him, to all those who call upon him in truth and in Spirit. The desire of all those who fear him he will perform and their aim for help he will hear (Psalm: 145: 18-19).4. The almighty creator is near to us and will hear us if we call upon him in truth, what a percentage we have to approach God in prayer.5. We should pray to God in the way that he privilege approves.
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Category: Christianity
Keywords: Fervent Prayers Davis U. Ogbuji Christian Life Christianity 9789789568345
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ISBN (alternative notations): 978-956-834-7, 978-978-956-834-5


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